The Vision for Co-production in Scotland

In March 2017, we invited network members to come together to develop the vision based on the statements we had received through the Co-production week process. Through work at the event and sahring the draft statement with the network the statement is:

"Our vision for co-production in Scotland is that all people are valued and supported to meaningfully participate in shaping and delivering services, building and strengthening their communities, and creating change. "

Here is what some of the participants said about the event:

“It was challenging! But great to be able to spend a dedicated amount of time on a specific task that has a purpose and will (in some format) be utilised. Inspiring!”

“The exercise to write a vision statement [was] very useful to help us ‘pin down’ what we think/want co-production to be and how we contribute to that.”

“Group discussions and feedback sessions were equally stimulating and valuable. Good to grapple with the complexities in a positive, good-humoured way. Great to have non-professionals contributing.”

“The actual writing of the vision – it provided many interesting conversations and reflections as well as deepening my understanding”

Participants were invited to view a gallery of vision statements collected throughout the process so far. A variety of vision statements were presented, along with the key themes. Sarah Currie, Scottish Government presented on ‘what makes a good vision statement’ which gave valuable food for thought before participants got to writing. Working in small groups, participants discussed who the vision should be for, what it might look like, and how it could be used.  Each group came up with a collective statement building on what they had viewed, which were shared and discussed as a whole group to take bring us one step closer to a final vision statement.

 The group statements:

  1. A society where citizens are supported to meaningfully share and participate at all levels of service provision (diagram: from ‘bottom up’ to putting communities at the top)
  2. All people are included equally in making our communities better places to live (for us, by us, with us)
  3. Scotland is where we value, connect and invest with people to change attitudes and share power
  4. All citizens have the space, place and time to share their services, build their communities and create change