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Welcome to the Learning Resource - a collection of reports, examples, guides and more about co-production in Scotland. 

The aim of this section of the is to surface all of the useful information hosted ont he SCN site, giving you a great starting point or a chance to dive deeper on the important issues around co-production. 

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Reports & Research >>

Here you can find links to reports and research findings which underpin the theory of co-production - what it is, how it works and why it matters. 


Examples & Case Studies >>

See what co-production looks like in action with these case studies and examples from organisations and groups from across Scotland.


Guides on co-production >>

Research examples that illustrate how co-production can take different forms: from co-commissioning to co-design and co-delivery and co-assessing.


Event reports >> 

Learn about different co-production approaches with
these guides, how-tos and helpful tips.


Captdsfdsfure.PNG100 Stories of Co-production

Five short films to help you spread the word about co-production in Scotland.

Free for you to screen, download, share.

View the films >>

Co-production: How we make a difference together

Published in 2015, this suite of videos, case studies and information aimed to help spread understanding of co-production.

View it here >>